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RAL - E4 Effects Fan Deck (metallic)

Codice prodotto: 20052

Guide metalliche per il color design ed il settore industriale

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E4 Effects Fan Deck (metallic)


The RAL E4 EFFECTS Fan Deck offers all 70 RAL EFFECT metallic colours based on acrylic paints and provides a definitive resource offering greater variety for painting colour design in the industrial sector.

The innovative RAL E4 Metallics EFFECTS Fan Deck complies with various European EN and ISO standards and allows eco-efficient colour production for all paint and lacquer producers and users through its simple, contemporary formulation.

The RAL E4 EFFECTS Fan Deck boasts numerous features, including:

  • 70 metallic, gloss finish colours
  • Metallic colours are based on acrylic paints
  • Full page colour illustrations – 12.8 cm x 5cm
  • Complies with European EN and ISO standards

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